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2 new dates added 

11.08.2023 - New dates added including Volition Brewing (NORTHBEND,WA) and Easy Monkey Taphouse (SHORELINE, WA) on the weekend  the 17-18th of November. Click on links for more details and check the Shows TAB 



'Release Me' live @ RLS

11.02.2023 - New video of the Robert Lang Session from back in April 2023. See Garbers performing original song ' Release Me' on the RC300 Loopstation. Please like and subscribe

Swazi Head's Christmas tune

11.01.2023 - Release date is set for the 1st of December. Follow the link for a sneak..


'Karma' live video from Robert Lang Studios

10.19.2023 - Latest edition of the Robert Lang Session from back in April 2023. Check out Garbers performing original song ' Karma' on the RC300 Loopstation. Robert Lang Studios is based in North Seattle in Shoreline, WA. More to follow soon.

Xmas jingle 'Ho Ho' coming 1st DEC!

10.16.2023 - Two old friends and band mates from 20 years ago kept their songwriting ways long after the 'Swazi Head' band faded in 2003. With no previous material released to the public and given the fun nature always had when approaching music as a group, it only seemed fitting that Swazi Head come right off the bat with something totally surprising and unexpected, a Christmas jingle. Release set for the 1st of December 2023. 

Seattle Residency @ Kell's- WA

10.10.2023 - A cool announcement for my musical journey since arriving in Seattle. I want to thank Kell's Irish Pub and Restaurant for believing in what I do and giving me a place to perform my songs, entertain and meet amazing people along the way. It is an honour to be a part of such an awesome spot and to be a regular musician in Seattle is a dream come true. Kell's Irish Pub WEBSITE  Also check the Shows tab for more details. 

More dates added- WA

9.9.2023 - More date shave been added to the calender. Check the SHOWS tab for more details. 

9.7.2023 -Catch me live at Kell's Irish Pub in Seattle this Sunday the 10th of September. 730pm 

 2 Gigs this weekend in Seattle

8.28.2023 - With two shows lined up this weekend. Catch Garbers live at C and P Coffee on Friday 7pm. FREE

and also:

Garbers will be playing a free show at Kell's irish Pub on the 2nd September at 730pm. Click on link for more details Kell's Irish Pub  gig 

Seattle, WA Show announcement - Kell's Irish Pub

8.21.2023 - Garbers will be playing a free show at Kell's irish Pub on the 24th of August at 730pm. Click on link for more details Kell's Irish Pub  gig 

Seattle, WA Show announcement  - C and P Coffee

8.03.2023 - Garbers will be playing a free show at C and P Coffee on the 1st of September at 7pm. Click on link for more details C and P Coffee gig 

'Magical Life' @ Robert Lang Studios.

5.24.2023 - Check out this video from the Robert Lang Session.

Seattle, WA Show announcement #3 - Third Place Commons

5.15.2023 - Garbers will be playing a free show at Third Place Commons on the 8th of May at 12pm. Click on link for more details THIRD PLACE COMMONS gig 

Show WA #4 - Stans Bar-B-Q

5.15.2023 - Come join Garbers for his 2nd show at Stans Bar-B-Q on 18 May from 6:30 - 8:30 in Issaquah, 

GARBERS - 'Conquer The Leader'

5.09.2023 - Live session take of 'Conquer The Leader' from Robert Lang Studios. 

GARBERS - 'Dollar'

Live session take of 'Dollar' from Robert Lang Studios.

4.20.2023 - GARBERS relocates from Silverthorne, CO to Seattle, WA

Studio Session Monday 10 April @ Robert Lang Studios

4.7.2023 - Garbers is set to head into the studio on Monday 10th April to track some new music at Robert Lang Studios for an upcoming release. Stay tuned for the live feeds.

New WA show announcement #2 - Stans Bar-B-Q

4.6.2023 - A second show has been added to the Seattle side of the tour. Come join Garbers at Stans Bar-B-Q on 14th Aprilfrom 6:30 - 8:30 in Issaquah,WA on the outskirts of Seattle. 

Seattle, WA Show announcement #1 - Third Place Commons

4.4.2023 - Garbers will be playing a free show at Third Place Commons on the 15th of April at 12pm. Click on link for more details THIRD PLACE COMMONS gig 

1 on 1 in 10 Interview!

3.29.2023 - Check out this latest interview released from the USL Network. It is hosted by the wonderful Ayasha Roberson. Hear the latest in happenings on the Garbers front.

GARBERS performing in Texas, Wichita Falls 8th March!

 3.7.2023 - Catch GARBERS live at THE IRON HORSE PUB in Wichita Falls, TEXAS on the 8th of March 2023. 8PM FREE entry!

GARBERS making his way to Wyoming 29 March!

2.27.2023 - Great news, GARBERS has been confirmed to play in Laramie Wyoming at The Great Untamed. Follow the link to get more details

The Great Untamed 29th March EVENT GARBERS 

Show date added TRHS Denver, CO

02.23.23 - GARBERS is set to perform in Denver this Saturday at The TRHS on Larimer street. Performance from 7-9pm. FREE Event!


Exclusive Interview with the 'Independent Music and Arts Insider'

2.15.23 - In this latest interview with Clay Burton from the 'Independent Music and Arts Insider' publication Garbers is asked about his biggest struggles and about the journey he has been on to get here today. 

'New Blood' Playlist

2.12.23 - 'Existence' has been added to another Spotify playlist called 'New Blood', follow the link below to add it to your listening repetoire.

New Blood Playlist 

'Independent Artist Collaborative' playlisting.

2.11.23 Garbers single 'Existence' gets added to another spotify playlist. Click the link below to add this to your library.

Independent Artist Collaborative Playlist 

'Road Trip Discoveries Playlist' on Spotify.

02.08.23 The latest single 'Existence' has found its way on to a new playlist on Spotify today. Click the link below to add the playlist and discover other cool new artists.

Road Trip Discoveries Playlist 

Existence added to 'Independent Artists Assemble Playlist' on Spotify.

02.07.23 'Existence' has now found its way on to another Spotify playlist today. Click the link below to add the playlist to your Spotify and to discover some new music.

Independent Artists Assemble Playlist 

Swedish Spotify playlist add 'Existence'

1.30.23 - GARBERS new single has been added to Swedish based Spotify playlist 'New Indie Rock Pop Playlist. Click the link below to add this playlist to your library and discover more.

New Indie Rock Pop Playlist 

Garbers reviewed by Melody Maker magazine. 

1.28.23 In this latest article, Garbers is reviewed by Chadwick Easton. "He’s one of those rare performers that you know would still be writing and playing music even if he couldn’t release it for some reason." 

New interview feature by YourBestLifeNashville

12.27.22 Stay tuned with Garbers, check out this latest interview where Garbers shares his thoughts. "I started working with a management company and that is a positive move in the right direction. Next year, I plan to hit the road in the US, play more shows than I ever have in as many new cities and states as possible." 

'Existence' makes Spotify's new independent rock n roll playlist.

12.18.22 - Click link below to add this playlist to your library.

ROCK n ROLL Playlist 

New Indie Artists Playlist adds 'Existence'

12.19.22 - Add this new playlist to your spotify library!

New Indie Artists Playlist 

Added to a new Spotify playlist!

12.16.22 - Garbers track 'Existence' has been added to the New Indie Music Monday and Friday playlist on Spotify. Click the link below and add it to your library!

New Indie Music Monday and Friday 

'Existence' gets wings on new playlist.

12.16.22 - New single added to the Fresh Indie Rock Playlist on Spotify.

Fresh Indie Rock Playlist 

Garbers joins the TikTok universe

12.15.22 Can you believe this finally happened? Maybe late, but better than never!  Dont miss your chance to go and follow the latest trend right now at 

Garbers speaks out in latest interview!

12.09.22 Follow this link and check out the story.

11.29.2022 - 'Existence' Out Now on your preferred streaming platform. 

Save the song and add it to your playlist. Look out for it on your favorite streaming platform. 

Garbers - Existence 

11.09.2022 -New song 'Existence' will be available 29th November!

The new acoustic number 'Existence' will be coming out on the 29th of November 2022. Look out for it on your favorite streaming platform. 

'Existence' vid arrives! 11.15.22

11.02.2022 - From the depths of Black Rock City, Nevada. A new video shines through sporting an unreleased, never heard before track 'Existence'. Truth is it was supposed to be a hidden track on the South of Nine album but I dont have a band so... what the hell. heheh. The actual song is being released worldwide on the 29th of November!

10.20.2022 -New music video for 'Existence' will be out on the 15th of November!

It was shot at Burning Man 2022 in the Nevada Desert! What a great experience, I can't wait to share it with you all!

 'Stay' music video out now!

08.24.22 Check out the video about the Earth ball and Dave.

'Undercover' video releases now!

12.21.2021 - Slipping in under the radar. New video for Undercover releases unannounced minutes before the 2022 New Year.

Here it is! 'Single Guy' music video releases.

New music video for "Single Guy" was filmed in Venice Beach, CA is available worldwide! Check it out!

The 'Single Guy' video dropping on the 12th of NOV

Shot around Venice beach, Los Angeles, USA. This is a teaser of the upcoming 'Single Guy' music video. 12 November 2021

Boom, there's the Dollar vid!

Check out the new video filmed back in Botswana with Danny Helsing. Special thanks to Izla and Neil Simpson for making this video so awesome!

Garbers dropping 'Dollar' 9 Sept!

9.1.2021 - New track "Dollar" will be available from all streaming platforms on the 9th September 2021!

Garbers debut single 'Single Guy' out now!

4.24.2020 - Brand new single 'Single Guy' will be available from the 24th April 2020. 

'Dig it Up' video goes live on YouTube

3.24.2020 - New song and video released on Youtube. Check it out! Recorded on the RC-300 Loopstation. Shot in and around Denver, Colorado.

The 'Believe it' video

22.2.2020 - Check out this new video for "Believe it".  Released today on the 22nd of February 2020.  

New video 'Release Me'

2.5.2020 - GARBERS new video for "Release Me" goes live on the 9th of February. Recorded on the RC-300 Loopstation and filmed at Bear Creek in Lakewood, CO. Check it out!